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Area Competitions

As our club is a member of British Riding clubs we are put into ‘area’s’. Our area is in South Wales which comes under Area 15, there are 20 clubs in this area which all compete against each other at qualifiers in various disciplines. The winning team/individual will then go on to compete at the championships against clubs nationwide.
Please note: everyone competing at an area competition will need to:

Area Competitions Dates

Competition Dates for Area 15 Comps List-16-17

You can visit Southerdown Riding Club for further area information.

Mercian Competitions

This year there are team competitions coming up for people of all levels. The Mercian competitions are  2’3 and 2’6  and are designed for weekend riders and those who fancy having a go at a bit of anything/everything.
If any take your fancy please do pick up the phone. These competitions are always friendly and fun, there is no pressure whatsoever, it’s just a good day out for horse and rider. Even if you have never competed before or think you aren’t good enough – you are!

Mercian Competition Dates: please click here

Mercian Representatives: awaiting updates

Mercian Rules: Mercian Rule Book-2018

Mercian Eligibility: Mercian Eligibility Table 2018

BRC Official Statement

In light of the precautionary decision by British Eventing to prohibit the wearing of helmet cams with immediate effect. British Riding Clubs have also followed this measure in the interest of safety and welfare of riders and horses. This is to allow for the independent completion of expert research to be concluded. Therefore rule G22.6 is replaced with immediate effect (13:00 hrs 17/10/2014) as follows:

G22.6: Electronic Devices
No Receiving, recording, transmitting or monitoring device maybe used by a competitor during any phase of a competition. Head Cams are prohibited from use at any BRC affiliated competitions.

This decision will naturally cause some disappointment to those that use head cams to record their achievements but I am sure you will agree that safety has to be a top priority and it would be wrong to not take into account the current research and investigations on-going with the (TRL) Transport Research Laboratory. The ruling will be reviewed once the independent research is concluded.

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