Dressage Times

Here are the dressage times for Sunday 2nd October’16

This is the last dressage for this year, please do come along and support us even if you are not competing.

There will be coffee and cake available to buy, all proceeds to go to Macmillan



Class1 Intro A
10.00 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
10.06a.m. Ailsa Bufton Bridie
10.12 a.m. Nichola Farrington Vanity
10.18 a.m. Cerian Stokes Bertie Bassett
10.24 a.m. Caitlin Schultz Jake
10.30 a.m. Candice Skevington Des
10.36 a.m.
Class 2 Intro B or C
10.54 a.m. Ailsa Bufton Bridie         (B)
11.00 a.m. Wendy Lewis Lofn            (B)
11.06 a.m. Nichola Farrington Vanity
11.12 a.m. Amanda Lennox Berry           (B)
11.18 a.m. Carla Berry Coolatin Banner (B)
11.24 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch          (C)
11.30 a.m. Mo Hoar Mojo           ( C )
11.36 a.m. Olivia Kavanah Squirrel
11.42 a.m. Jo Potts Gypsy
11.48 a.m. Sue Pugh Marley         ( C )
Class 3 PreLim 1
12.18 p.m. Sharon Goode Ben
12.24 p.m. Rebecca Wreyford Nancy
12.30 p.m. Sue Pugh Marley
12.36 p.m. Charlotte Ibbs Hobnob
12.42 p.m. Mo Hoar Mojo
12.48 p.m. Kiara Paddy
12.54 p.m. Sue Hewitt Charlie
1.00 p.m. Miranda Taxis Ciro
Class 4 PreLim 12
1.12 p.m. Sharon Goode Ben
1.18 p.m. Charlotte Ibbs Hobnob
1.24 p.m. Nichola Farrington Di
1.30 p.m. Candice Shevington Paddy
1.36 p.m. Rebecca Wreyford Nancy
1.42 p.m. Sue Hewitt Charlie
1.48 p.m. Miranda Taxis Ciro
Class 5 Novice 28
2.06 p.m. Becky Pugh Oakey
2.12 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest
2.18 p.m. Jo Potts Paddy
2.24 p.m. Anthony Cannan Shipping Isadora
2.30 p.m. Emma Coates Gypsy
Class  6 N34 / E42
2.42 p.m. Becky Pugh Oakey           N
2.48 p.m. Emma Coates Bertie            E
2.54 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest   E
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