Dressage Times Sunday 30th March

Vale of Arrow Riding Club Dressage Times Sunday 30th March

CLASS 1 Intro A

10.00 a.m   Kate Loupart          Clover Quest

10.06 a.m   Jane Allcoat           Norman

10.12 a.m    Carla Goodwin

10.18 a.m    Holly Preece          Nemo

CLASS 2 Prelim 1

10.36 a.m   Carla Goodwin

10.42 a.m   Lucy Millichap        Gladdesta Lucifer

10.48 a.m   Kate Loupart         Clover Quest

11.06 a.m   Kirsty

11.12 a.m   Pat Wilcox            Majical Sparkle

11.18 am

11.30 a.m   Sue Hewitt           Tinker

11.36 a.m   Holly Preece         Nemo

CLASS 3 Prelim 12

11.48 a.m   Kate Loupart        Clover Quest

11.54 a.m   Kirsty

12.06 p.m  Sue Hewitt         Tinker

12.12 p.m   Pat Wilcox          Majicle Sparkle

12.18 p.m

CLASS 4 Novice 24

12.30 p.m   Carol Clare         Painted Sun

12.36 p.m   Sue Keatley        Sherlock

CLASS 5 Novice 34

12.48 p.m   Carol Clare       Painted Sun

12.54 p.m   Sue Keatley      Sherlock

Please note that as the warm up field is very wet we are allowing extra time for riders to warm up in the arena.

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