Dressage Times for June 5th

Please see the dressage times for Sunday 5th June.

9.30  a.m. Sue Pugh            Intro C Marley
Sue Pugh            P1 Marley
Becky Pugh        N27 Oakie
Becky Pugh        N30 Oakie
10.00 a.m. Warm up in arena for class 1 in you want to
Class 1 Intro A
10.12 a.m. Kimberley Smith Northern oh so Lucky
10.18 a.m. Cerian Stokes Bertie Bassett
10.24 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
10.30 a.m. Wendy Lewis Lofn
10.36 a.m. Dina Chetcuti Frank
10.42 a.m. Katie Thomas Cairo
Class 2 Intro C
11.00 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
11.06 a.m. Lisa Bell
Sue Pugh Marley
Class 3 Prelim 1
11.18 a.m. Kimberley Smith Northern oh so Lucky
11.24 a.m. Karen Miles Rory
11.30 a.m. Katie Thomas Cairo
11.36 a.m. Lisa Bell
Sue Pugh Marley
Class 4 Prelim 2
11.42 a.m. Karen Miles Rory
Class 5 Novice 27
12.00 p.m. Sue Keatley Sherlock
12.06p.m. Sue Rogers L.A.Picasso
12.12 p.m. Kirsty Andrews Daisy
Becky Pugh Oakie
Class 6 Novice 30/Elem 44
12.24 p.m. Sue Keatley Sherlock                E44
12.30 p.m. Sue Rogers L.A.Picasso           E44
12.36 p.m. Kirsty Andrews Daisy                       N30
Becky Pugh Oakie                      N30
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