Dressage times for 11/6/17

Come along and join in selling cupcakes to raise money for dementia at the dressage.


Rider Horse
Class 1
Intro A
10.00 a.m. Sharon Goode Milly
10.06 a.m. Cerian Stokes Bertie Bassett
10.13 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
10.20 a.m. Kate Watts Bean
10.26 a.m. Rachel Davies Pippi
10.33 a.m. Sue Pugh Marley
10.40 a.m. Jan Howells Socks
10.46 a.m. Carla Berry Coolatin Banner
10.53 a.m. Katherine Fanouraki Alfie
11.00 a.m. Laura Fanouraki Windsor Rose
Class 2
Intro B
11.13 a.m. Kate Loupart Independent Quest
11.20 a.m. Carla Berry Coolatin Berry
11.26 a.m. Anna Bucholz Millie
11.33 a.m. Jenny Pudge Brin
11.40 a.m. Kate Watts Bean
11.46 a.m. Lisa Bateman Ross
12.00 p.m. Harriet Sneyd Silver
12.06 p.m. Sue Pugh Marley
12.13 p.m. Mandy Naylor Ellie
12.20 p.m. Wendy Lewis Lofn
12.26 p.m. Ann Bliss Harlie
12.33 p.m. Katherine Fanouraki Alfie
12.40 p.m. Maria Fanouraki Windsor Rose
Class 3
12.53 p.m. Ann Bliss Harlie
1.00 p.m. Pat Wilcox Majical Sparkle
1.06 p.m. Lisa Bateman Ross
1.13 p.m. Jenny Pudge Brin
1.20 p.m. Mandy Naylor Ellie
1.26 p.m. Nicola Batten Parky
1.33 p.m. Pauline Casciola Mouse
1.40 p.m. Jan Howells Socks
1.46 p.m. Julia Parker Piper
1.53 p.m. Jane Meredith Duke
2,00 p.m. Sharon Goode Charlie Brown
2.00 p.m. Rowena
Class 4
2.13 p.m. Lynda Wellington Hicks Rupert Bear
2.20 p.m. Pat Wilcox Majical Sparkle
2.26 p.m. Juliette Koller
2.33 p.m. Nicola Batten Parky
2.40 p.m. Pauline Casciola Des
2.46 p.m. Trudy Spratling Thunder Breeze
2.53 p.m. Rowena
Class 5
3.06 p.m. Lisa Bell Domino
3.12 p.m. Kate Spitzmaul Lord Roflow
3.19 p.m. Klara Teagan Paddy
3.30 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest
3.36 p.m. Carol Clare Painted Sun
3.43 p.m. Kate Spitzmaul Lord Roflow
Class 6
4.00 p.m. Lisa Bell Domino              N34
4.06 p.m. Candice Skevington Paddy                 N34
4.13 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest   El44
4.20 p.m.                               El44
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