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Help research into Mud Fever


Dear The Vale of Arrow Riding Club,

I am a third year veterinary student at the University of Nottingham, and as part of my studies I am currently undertaking a research project. My project is based on mud-fever, a great topic at this time of year I’m sure you’ll agree!

servy01Although it is a well-known condition, and there are many recommendations about susceptibility, prevention and treatment, there is surprisingly little scientific research behind this.

I have created a questionnaire in order to see if there are any trends in the most likely horses to get mud fever and which prevention and treatment methods work best for owners. I am also looking at which point owners use vets in the treatment of mud fever.

As I’m sure you can appreciate for my study to be as reliable as possible I need to get as many responses as I can. Therefore I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to forward this email containing the link to my questionnaire on to your members, if they are horse owners, so that I can make as many people aware of this project as possible.

Click here to complete the survey

There are some great prizes to be won in the form of tack shop vouchers, and I am confident that this research will come back with some excellent results, with the future aim being to have a better understanding of which horses are more likely to get mud fever, and a help sheet on the most effective ways to prevent and treat it. My research is being supported by CEVA, a pharmaceuticals company, and Jocelyn Habershon-Butcher, a vet specialising in equine internal medicine. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Hannah Martin

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