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Any more for camp?

REMEMBER ALL WELCOME TO THE VOARC ANNUAL DINNER IN THE EVENING. QUIZ AND THREE COURSE MEAL £25 – all members and their friends, partners welcome. Let me know asap. Sharron

More success at BD Quest

BD Quest

Another day in the ribbons for the club. Team Belles (Vix, Rachel & Milly) 4th & Team Divas (Sue, Becky & Carla) 6th. Individual placings were as follows: Milly 1st in Elementary, Vix 2nd in Intro, Rachel 3rd in Intro, Sue 5th in Intro, Carla 5th in Novice, Becky just out of the rosettes in Prelim @ BD TQ

Congratulations to the VOARC Team

Huge congratulations to the VOARC team winning the Senior 80cm Area 15 Horse Trials Qualifier at Sapey XC on Saturday. 🍾🍾 Well done Carla Goodwin, Kirsty Andrews, Becky Pugh and Sarah Connop. Rowena Craig-Aliani and Karen Miles also clear XC in their competitive sections. Fab result by all!




Millichope Park, Munslow, Craven Arms.
First Horse 10.00am Last Horse 12.30pm
Long and short routes
Routes on Wenlock Edge taking in stunning private parkland and forestry with minimal roadwork
and lots of optional jumps.
8 miles North East of Craven Arms, 11 miles from Ludlow.
Turn left off B4368 ¾ mile out of Munslow (will be signposted off main road)

Photographer. Refreshments and Barbeque
Adults £15.00, Children under 16 £10.00, Walkers £5
For additional information, or if you can help on the day, please contact me Tasha Tudor on 07773 338135 or reply to this email.

fun ride

Dressage results 5th June

Here are the dressage results for the 5th June 2016 series 3. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Score % Coll Place
Class 1 Intro A
Sarah Morris Patch 171 74.34 1st
Kimberley Smith Northern oh so Lucky 160.5 69.78 2nd
Katie Thomas Cairo 159 69.17 3rd
Wendy Lewis Lofn 147 63.91 4th
Cerian Stokes Bertie Bassett 145 63.04 5th
Dina Chetcuti Frank 6th
Class 2 Intro C
Lisa Bell Domino 176.5 76.73 1st
Sarah Morris Patch 166 72.17 2nd
Sue Pugh Marley 157 68.26 3rd
Class 3 Prelim 1
Becky Pugh Monica 142 74.73 1st
Lisa Bell Domino 141.5 74.47 2nd
Katie Thomas Cairo 141 74.21 3rd
Kimberley Smith Northern oh so Lucky 137.5 72.36 4th
Karen Miles Rory 136.5 71.84 5th
Sue Pugh Marley 130 68.42 6th
Class 4 Prelim 2
Becky Pugh Monica 207.5 71.55 1st
Karen Miles Rory 203 70 2nd
Class 5 Novice 27
Sue Rogers L.A.Picasso 204.5 73.03 1st
Kirsty Andrews Daisy 204 72.85 2nd
Sue Keatley Sherlock 202 72.14 3rd
Class 6 Nov 30/Elem 44
Sue Rogers L.A.Picasso 69.4 1st
Kirsty Andrews Daisy                       N30 67.3 2nd
Sue Keatley Sherlock                E44 64.4 3rd

Dressage Times for June 5th

Please see the dressage times for Sunday 5th June.

9.30  a.m. Sue Pugh            Intro C Marley
Sue Pugh            P1 Marley
Becky Pugh        N27 Oakie
Becky Pugh        N30 Oakie
10.00 a.m. Warm up in arena for class 1 in you want to
Class 1 Intro A
10.12 a.m. Kimberley Smith Northern oh so Lucky
10.18 a.m. Cerian Stokes Bertie Bassett
10.24 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
10.30 a.m. Wendy Lewis Lofn
10.36 a.m. Dina Chetcuti Frank
10.42 a.m. Katie Thomas Cairo
Class 2 Intro C
11.00 a.m. Sarah Morris Patch
11.06 a.m. Lisa Bell
Sue Pugh Marley
Class 3 Prelim 1
11.18 a.m. Kimberley Smith Northern oh so Lucky
11.24 a.m. Karen Miles Rory
11.30 a.m. Katie Thomas Cairo
11.36 a.m. Lisa Bell
Sue Pugh Marley
Class 4 Prelim 2
11.42 a.m. Karen Miles Rory
Class 5 Novice 27
12.00 p.m. Sue Keatley Sherlock
12.06p.m. Sue Rogers L.A.Picasso
12.12 p.m. Kirsty Andrews Daisy
Becky Pugh Oakie
Class 6 Novice 30/Elem 44
12.24 p.m. Sue Keatley Sherlock                E44
12.30 p.m. Sue Rogers L.A.Picasso           E44
12.36 p.m. Kirsty Andrews Daisy                       N30
Becky Pugh Oakie                      N30
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