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Fantastic Weekend for VOARC

VOARC Belles won Team Quest @ Kings on Saturday 13th June – Sue Pugh, Nicole Thomas, Kirsty Anker & Camilla Linton.

VOARC Senior Horse Trials team of Nickatie Dimarco, Becky Pugh, Kirsty Anker & Camilla Linton were 2nd @ the Area 15 qualifier held @ Sapey on Sunday 14th June.
A fantastic weekend of results for VOARC.

Well done and thank you to everyone and all the support crews behind each competitor x


Mercian Style Jumping 5th July

Here are the Vale of Arrows entries for the Mercian Team Style & Show Jumping @ Lincomb Equestrian, Stourport on Severn, DY13 9RB.
I will be in contact about the dress code and running details for both classes when I find the rules!!
I’ll email everyone their times which will be available on Friday.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.
Each class is £12.50. Cheques payable to VOARC please.

Class 1- 70 Speed

VOARC Belles

Kirsty Anker ~ Ardlea Fairy Lady
Sue Pugh ~ Rosscon Jeffrey
Linda Morgan ~ Exclusive Cherry
Becky Pugh ~ Nolton Monaco

Class 2a – 75 Speed


Rachel Davies ~ Poppi Longstocking
Carla Goodwin ~ Melanie Rose
Rowena Craig-Aliani ~ Lindbergh Law
Becky Pugh ~ Orillia County

Class 2b – 75 Speed

Linda Morgan ~ Exclusive Cherry

Class 4 – 70 Style

VOARC Belles

Kirsty Anker ~ Ardlea Fairy Lady
Sue Pugh ~ Rosscon Jeffrey
Rachel Davies ~ Poppi Longstocking
Becky Pugh ~ Nolton Monaco

Class 5 – 75 Style


Carla Goodwin ~ Melanie Rose
Rowena Craig-Aliani ~ Lindbergh Law
Camilla Linton ~ Faerie Legacy
Becky Pugh ~ Orillia County


VOARC Dressage Times 28th June

Vale of Arrow dressage times 28th June 2015

Class 1 Intro B
10.00 a.m. Nicole Thomas Fi
10.06 a.m. Jenny Pudge Brin
10.12 a.m. Sue Hewitt Keeden
10.18 a.m. Penny Corbett Nora
10.24 a.m.
10.30 a.m. Kim Smith Northern oh so Lucky
10.36 a.m. Ailsa Bufton Ziggy
10.42 a.m. Louis Naylor Martel Welsh Jack
10.48 a,m. Sharon Goode Domino
Class 2 Intro A
11.00 am.
11.06 a.m. Jenny Pudge Brin
11.12 a.m. Penny Corbett Nora
11.18 a.m. Sue Hewitt Keeden
11.24 a.m.
11.30 a.m. Kim Smith Northern oh so Lucky
11.36 a.m. Louis Naylor Martel Welsh Jack
11.42 a.m. Ailsa Bufton Ziggy
11.48 a.m. Janice Rees Alfred
Class 3 Prelim 12
12.00 p.m. Sue Keatley George
12.06 p.m. Zoe Jennings Mai
12.12 p.m. Zoe Rees Alfred
12.18 p.m. Nicole Thomas Dee Dee
12.24 p.m.
Class 4 Prelim 13
12.30 p.m. Sue Keatley George
12.36 p.m. Zoe Jennings Mai
12.42 p.m. Nocole Thomas Dee Dee
12.48 p.m. Frankie Paine Harold
Class 6 Novice 24
1.00 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest
1.06 p.m. Sue Keatley Sherlock
1.12 p.m. Frankie Paine Harold
Class 7 Novice 28
1.24 p.m. Kate Loupart Clover Quest
1.30 p.m. Sue Keatley Sherlock



I would like to thank all the clubs who supported our Area Horse Trials on Sunday either by competing or by helping.

We need over 100 people to run the event on the day, so thank you to all of you who turned out to provide that help.  Without that, the event simply wouldn’t happen.  I would particularly  like to thank the clubs who took on the job of organising phases of the event – Golden Valley for the catering, Vale of Arrow ran the dressage, Torfaen the show jumping, Riders 2000 the scoring, and Southerndown took on all the administrative roles including taking the entries – congratulations to Mair.

The day was a great success and ran on time, and we had many thanks from competitors for a good day.

Thank you to you all.


Area dressage qualifier

Come along to our next dressage on the 28th June’15 at Black Hall Farm, Kings Pyon, Herefordshire.

Classes include:

  • Two Intro tests – great for young horses and riders.
  • Two Prelim tests
  • Two Novice tests
  • For preparation for the area dressage qualifier we are including the BRC D3

Open to members and non members, please click here for schedule Dressage Series Schedule 2015 June series



VOARC Dressage May 31st 2015

VOARC Dressage May 31st 2015

Class 1 Intro A
Nicole Thomas Fi 64.13 1st
Ailsa Bufton Ziggy 63.47 2nd
Sue Hewitt Keeden 56.73 3rd
Class 2
Nicole Thomas Fi 65.21 1st
Becky Wreyford Indi 61.08 2nd
Becky Wreyford Gemini 59.56 3rd
Sue Hewitt Keeden 58.91 4th
Jodi Sinclair Charlie 57.39 5th
Class 3
Sue Keatley George 62.9 51 1st
Sue Pugh Rosscon Jeffrey 62.9 50 2nd
Zoe Jennings Mai 60.75 50 3rd
Becky Wreyford Indi 60.75 49 4th
Sophie Griffiths Goddard William 59.25 49 5th
Jodi Sinclair Charlie 57.5 48 6th
Charlotte Edwards Gulliver 57.5 46 7th
Class 4
Frankie Paine Harold   69.16 1st
Jane Alcoat Norman 63.95 2nd
Zoe Jennings Mai 62.91 3rd
Charlotte Edwards Guliver 62.08 4th
Sue Pugh Rosscon Jeffrey 60 5th
Class 6
Sue Keatley Conker 70.76 56 1st
Frankie Paine Harold 66.15 55 2nd
Sue Keatley Sherlock 66.15 53 3rd
Class 7
Sue Keatley Conker 65 1st
Sue Keatley Sherlock 63.75 2nd

Mercian DTM

Congratulations to the VOARC Dressage to Music team – Rachel Davies, Carol Clare and Camilla Linton, who were placed 2nd at the Mercian DTM Team Competition held @ Kings on Saturday 30th May. Well done all.

See a calendar of all our forthcoming activities on the What's On page.  Below are the next events: