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Latest Area 15 meeting

24th February at The Beaufort Arms, Raglan 8.00 pm


• Apologies for absence
• Minutes of last meeting (circulated) Area15AGM-October2013minutes
• Matters arising
• Chairpersons Address
• Treasurers Report
• Area Reps Report
• Training
• Forthcoming Qualifiers- update
• Horse Trials
• Any other business


Here are the minutes for the above meeting Area15-February 2014 minutes

Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust

A fantastic show last year, to be held again in the main arena at the royal welsh showground

***** DAY 1 WORKING HUNTER – Saturday 17th May *****

Class 1 – First Ridden, not ex 122cm, jump not ex 50cm
Class 2 – M&M, not ex 138cm, jump not ex 60cm
Class 3 – Novice, not ex 133cm, jump not ex 60cm
Class 4 – M&M, ex 138cm, jump not ex 70cm
Class 5 – Open, not ex 133cm, jump not ex 70cm
Class 6 – Novice, not ex 143cm, jump not ex 70cm
Class 7 – Novice / cob, ex 143cm, jump not ex 70cm
Class 8 – Open, not ex 143cm, jump not ex 90cm
Class 9 – Intermediate / cob, ex 143cm, jump not ex 90cm
Class 10 – Open / cob, ex 143cm, jump not ex 110cm

DAY 2 SHOW JUMPING – Sunday 18th May *****
Class 2 – 7 will be run as an open, 2 phase competition; Section (a) Ponies & Section (b) Horses

Class 1 – First Ridden, jump not ex 50cm
Class 2 – Open, jump not ex 60cm – (a) followed by (b)
Class 3 – Open, jump not ex 70cm – (a) followed by (b)
Class 4 – Open, jump not ex 80cm – (a) followed by (b)
Class 5 – Open, jump not ex 90cm – (a) followed by (b)
Class 6 – Open, jump not ex 100cm – (a) followed by (b)
Class 7 – Open, jump not ex 110cm – (a) followed by (b)
Class 8 – Team Challenge, jump not ex 80cm (teams of 4, combinations ponies & horses allowed)


Amanda Burton: Tel: 01982 554 409  Fax: 01982 553 563


Sad News!

A very sad day!

Two of our members have lost their horses this morning.

Marion Williams lost her lovely horse Terackie Koudos, known to his friends as Tigger this morning to colic. Tigg would of been 18 in June, Marion and Tigg shared many happy times together covering a wide range of disciplines, he will be sadly missed.


Our thoughts also go to Sue Keatley who had to say goodbye to Barney aged 24. Sue had owned Barney since he was a two year old, “Barn” was a great character at the yard and loved by everyone who met him.

BD Dressage Team Quest Series (Qualifier)– at Kings 22nd March

Milly has picked up details of this, it looks great! We would like to enter a team (s) – team of 3 / 4  people riding at walk/trot, prelim or Novice. Any combination of tests. Only one member needs to be a BD member.  Committee will be discussing this at their meeting on Feb 11th. Will let you know more after that. Anyone interested contact Milly.

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Trec training

We are now arranging some sessions for the obstacle part  of the Trec discipline – we have added  to our store of  equipment including proper  bending poles and a mounting block! Anyone interested contact Sharron. 


Horse Chat club

After the brilliant wine tasting at Pats, we agreed it was lovely just to have a nice chat and catch up. So we are proposing, thanks to Pat and her family, that once a term we just meet there, bring your own drinks. No cost just fun…. Come for an hour or two… whatever suits you. Watch out for dates.

horse chat

See a calendar of all our forthcoming activities on the What's On page.  Below are the next events: