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From riding school pony to Royal Welsh Champion!

A little over 3 years ago I bought a pony for my two sons from Sue Adams’ Riding School as she was sadly selling up. Tinker is 13.1hh bay gelding with possibly some NF in him. Tinks runs on either Beetle Juice or Rocket Fuel which the boys found too much so it was down to me to ride him. Having competed as a child I wanted to do the same with Tinker, however we are limited as to what we can do with his height and my age!

I found a showing class called “Pony Trekking” which we could enter and compete in. We had several successes including the winning title of International Champion WTRA at Usk in 2011. The Royal Welsh Show seemed the next obvious challenge! Not really expecting too much (as he is not a Welsh pony) I entered him for this year’s 13.2 and under category.

There were 13 in our class and after the judge had watched each pony work through their paces a tack and equipment inspection was carried out. After some discussions with her stewards we were pull in first much to my delight.

Myself and 2nd place then waited for the next class of “Pony Trekkers” 13.2 and over to be judged as the first two would go through to the Championships with my classes winners. The four of us again were inspected for tack, equipment and suitability of the pony/horse.
Much to my sheer amazement we were again pulled in first and deemed Pony Trekking, Llewellyn Thomas Perpetual Memorial Trophy Champion 2013.

Our day was not yet over, as a winner we had to join in the Grand Parade which takes place every afternoon. It’s an opportunity to showcase all the winners of the day; this takes place in the main ring in front of thousands of onlookers. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be part of such an auspicious occasion, this has far exceeded my expectations with Tinker and a day I doubt I will ever forget.

Sue Hewitt and Tinker
RWS Trekking Champion 2013

From riding school pony to Royal Welsh Champion Digital image

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Cancelled Matt Ryan SJ Clinic 30 July

Sorry to inform you that Matt’s clinic has had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers. We needed 12 people.

To those who sent cheques to Nicole to secure a place, thank you and be assured your cheque will be destroyed.



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VOARC Members – A Huge Thank you

On behalf of your Chair Nickatie and the VOARC Committee, we would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time to support the Club and make the Area Dressage Competition 21 July 2013 a great success.

There has been feedback from around the Area thanking our Club for its organisation of the day, speediness of scores and an enjoyable event.

Particular thanks goes out to:

All of our riders:

The Prelim Team (4th ) Nickatie DiMarco, Jo Foster, Sara Barnard & Briony Dobbs

Open Team (5th) Nicole Thomas, Miesha Village, Carol Clare & Rachel Galloway

Our Individual Riders
Warm up Prelim – 1st Sara Barnard
Novice 28 junior -3rd Beth Taylor
Novice 28 senior -3rd Carol Clare
Prelim7 junior – 2nd Louise Price
Novice 14 senior -6th Sara Barnard
Novice 30 senior -6th Miesha Village
Elementary 42 senior – 4th Nicole Thomas

All of our wonderful support team:

Kim Warren and Cherry Biddle who did all the times – an extreme amount of work!

Nicole for board painting and organising the field

Gav, Nick & Briony for staffing the gate

Camilla & Emma for organising the writers and stewards featuring the Bearwood Babes & friends

Sarah & Caroline for doing all tack & vaccs, & thanks to Sally for the loan of her ipad!!

The scoring team Alisha Davidson, Roger from Hintons, Nickatie’s Mum: Rosemary Yardley, her friend Dot & Steve & Cherry again!

Finally thanks to Sarah & Edward Layton for the use of the field.






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VOARC Area 15 Open Dressage Times 21/07/13

Below are the times for all classes for VOARC Open Dressage Wharf Leominster for Sunday 21 July 2013.

Please note: Riders will be permitted to ride without their jackets,  wearing a long or short sleeved shirt.

As a PDF:   Area 15 Times 21st July 2013

or; As an Excel Spreadsheet:  Area 15 Times 2013


Or, here is the original Excel Spreadsheet with a gap for scoring:   Area 15 Times & Score Sheets 2013


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CLASS 1 1st Sue Keatley Bramble 66.95%
  2nd Sue Keatley Misfire 63.04%
  3rd Janice Rees Alfred 57.82%
  4th Marion Williams Tigger 56.95%
CLASS 2 1st Sarah Connop Penny 64.50%
  2nd Briony Dobbs Gallant 64%
  3rd Sue Hewitt Tinker 63%
  4th Frankie Paine Ludo 61.50%
  5th Marion Williams Tigger 58%
CLASS 3 1st Sue Hewitt Tinker 66.66%
  2nd Briony Dobbs Gallant 64.16%
  3rd Frankie Paine Ludo 61.25%
CLASS 4 1st Sue Keatley Sherlock 71.66%
  2nd Carol Clare Painted Sun 67.08%
  3rd Sue Rogers La Picasso 64.58%
CLASS 5 1st Sue Keatley Sherlock 70.38%
  2nd Briony Dobbs Maddie 66.53%
  3rd Carol Clare Painted Sun 62.69%
  4th Sue Rogers La Picasso 62.30%

Well done and congratulations to all involved.

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VOARC Dressage times 7th July 2013

Class 1     10.00     Sue Keatley               Misfire

                 10.07     Sarah Freeman    

                 10.15     Janice Rees              Alfred

                 10..22     Marion Williams     Tigger

                 10.30     Sue Keatley              Bramble

Class 2     10.42     Briony Dobbs          Gallant

                10.48     Sarah Connop          Penny

                10.54     Marion Williams     Tigger

                11.00     Sue Hewitt               Tinker

                11.06     Frankie Paine          Ludo

Class 3     11.18     Briony Dobbs          Gallant

                11.24     Sue Hewitt               Tinker

                11.30     Frankie Paine          Ludo

Class 4     11.45    Carol Clare              Painted Sun

                11.52     Sue Keatley             Sherlock

                11.58     Sue Rogers              La Picasso

Class 5     12.12    Sue Keatley             Sherlock

                12.18     Sue Rogers              La Picasso

                12.24     Carol Clare               Painted Sun

                12.30     Briony Dobbs          Madie    


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