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Riding Test Training Sessions 30 June 10am onwards

Will be held at Black Hall Farm
Kings Pyon HR4 8PS


Riders must learn the Riding Test Prelim 13 or Riding Test Novice 13.

Limited spaces so call Nicole to register your place early!!


If you send a SAE with your booking fee,  Nicole will send you a copy of the test .


Riding will be in 3 sessions,  first group of 3 starting at 10am.

NEW! VOARC Junior Team

NEW! VOARC Junior Team

Great news for the first time the Club has a junior team.

Frances Layton with Ralph

Beth Taylor with All Blue

Oliver Fenn with Carla

Louise Price with Mr Bowjangles

We wish them all great success for the forthcoming Area ODE.

Dressage times for 12th May

CLASS 1 Intro B

10.00. Marion Williams Tigger
10.07. Jackie Markem
10.15. Pat Wilcox Magic
10.22. Sue Hewitt Tinker
10.30. Louise Price Frammlea

CLASS 2 Prelim 7

10.36. Sue Keatley Sherlock
10.42. Maggie Jennings Genista
10.48. Frankie Payne Ludo
10.54. Briony Dobbs Gallant
11.00. Lydia Dray Whistful
11.06. Sue Hewitt Tinker
11.12. Pat Wilcox Magic

CLASS 3 Prelim 14

11.30. Jo Foster Jzar
11.36. Louise Price Frammlea
11.42. Sue Keatley Sherlock
11.48. Maggie Jennings Genista
11.54. Briony Dobbs Gallant
12.00. Frankie Payne Ludo

CLASS 4 Novice 28

12.18. Cherry Biddle Moon
12.24. Rachael Galloway Daisy Silver
12.30. Jo Foster Jzar

CLASS 5 Novice 30

12.42. Cherry Biddle Moon
12.48. Rachael Galloway Daisy Silver

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